Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) is a donation-dependent public charter school. No student is offered or denied admission based upon their family's financial capacity. Through a public-private partnership, the State of California provides funding for the academic instructional program offered at OCSA. However, the school must privately raise approximately $10 million to fund the arts conservatory programs each year. OCSA relies solely on generous contributions from families, alumni, foundations, members of the community, and corporate sponsors to help reach this goal.


The collective CFA pledges from all of our families determine the annual budget for each conservatory. Any pledge or contribution you make will be allocated directly to your child’s individual conservatory budget. Your contribution specifically pays for salaries for your child’s conservatory director and teachers, facilities, equipment and supplies, performance opportunities, guest artist master teachers, and field trips. All cash contributions to the school are fully tax deductible.

We recognize that each family has a unique financial situation; however, our goal is 100% participation at the highest level possible from each family. You also have the option to sell or purchase program advertising space in the school’s digital yearlong performance program and/or digital Gala program.


OCSA is organized as a nonprofit organization under IRS code 501(c)(3). Our tax ID number is 33-0891574. All cash contributions are fully tax deductible as provided by law. Please click here to download a copy of the IRS letter.

Please contact Family Liaison Becky Parsons at 714.560.0900 ext. 5535 or becky.parsons@ocsarts.net with any questions.



To make a direct, tax-deductible cash contribution to your child’s conservatory for the 2024-2025 school year, please visit www.ocsarts.net/ParentPledge or click the button below to complete the CFA form. You can choose to make a one-time contribution, give in quarterly or monthly installments, or set up your own customized installment schedule.

Digital Program Advertising

OCSA offers families the opportunity to sell or purchase program advertising space in the school's yearlong performance program and Gala program. For the 2024-2025 school year, both programs will be DIGITAL! With visibility to all OCSA families and the broader Southern California community, this advertising opportunity is great marketing and exposure for any business, large or small! Prices range from $250 to $10,000, depending upon ad size, color, and location.

By purchasing an ad, you will receive:

  • Ad placement in both the digital yearlong performance program AND the digital Gala program.

    • A link to all ads featured in these programs will be emailed to the entire OCSA community biannually.

    • A link to all ads featured in these programs will be visible on the OCSA website.

  • Opportunity to supply a website URL, which will be embedded behind your ad in the digital program, allowing for direct click-throughs to your company website.

  • Opportunity to supply a second version of your ad for a looping slideshow shown on screens throughout the OCSA campus.

Digital Program Ad Sales Open: June 6, 2024

Digital Program Ad Submission Deadline: August 20, 2024

Please refer to the ad form linked below for more information on digital program advertising, including detailed requirements and a list of ad sizes and costs.



  1. 表格。 将填写好的广告表格(上面有链接)和付款信息电邮至becky.parsons@ocsarts.net或将填写好的广告表格和付款信息传真至714.664.0463。

  2. 艺术作品。请参考广告表格中的作品提交细节。点击下面的链接,按照指示上传你的作品。

For questions regarding advertising opportunities, please contact Family Liaison Becky Parsons at becky.parsons@ocsarts.net or 714.560.0900 ext. 5535. For questions regarding artwork submission, please contact Ricardo Mesina at advertising@ocsarts.net or 714.560.0900 ext. 3223.


Leverage Your Contribution Through Matching Gifts


If you or your spouse work for or have retired from a company that has an employee gift matching program, you may be able to DOUBLE or even triple your cash contribution to OCSA.


  1. 点击下面的按钮,看看你的雇主是否匹配礼物。

  2. 从你公司的人力资源部或薪资办公室获得一份匹配捐赠表格(这可能是一份在线表格或纸质表格)。

  3. 如果您的匹配申请不是以电子方式提交的,请务必将您填写好的表格的副本转发给Becky Parsons,地址是:becky.parsons@ocsarts.net。 

  4. Make your contribution online or mail your matching gift form and accompanying check to the address below:

1010 N. Main Street
圣安娜, CA 92701

如果你有问题,请联系家庭联络员Becky Parsons,becky.parsons@ocsarts.net或714.560.0900转5535。





Yes. Each conservatory director will determine their performance/event calendar for the 2024-2025 school year based upon the budget available from parent pledges made through the CFA form. Additional performance fees may be requested for specific performance opportunities.


Please contact Greg McCollum, Director of Corporate & Business Relations, at gregory.mccollum@ocsarts.net or 714.560.0900 ext. 6616 to find out more about our corporate sponsorship program.


Yes. If there are conservatories with low parent pledges/contributions, those conservatories may have a modified or reduced program, including fewer performance opportunities and/or decreased instructional days. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution at the highest level possible for your family.


OCSA receives funding from the State of California for the academic instructional program; however, the arts conservatory programs are funded exclusively by donations. The school needs to raise approximately $10 million through parent participation and the work of the OCSA Foundation to pay for 100% of the arts conservatory instructional expenses.

Can I contribute using my employer’s matching gift program?

Yes. Many corporations offer a matching gift program. For each dollar donated to the school, your employer may match your contribution. Additional information can be found above.

If I cannot contribute the full requested amount, are there other ways to contribute to my child's conservatory?

Yes. We recognize that each family has a unique financial situation; however, we encourage you to contribute through the CFA form at the highest level possible. If you are not able to contribute the full requested amount for your child’s conservatory, you have the opportunity to sell or purchase program advertising space in the school’s digital yearlong performance program and/or digital Gala program.

什么是 OCSA 基金会?

慈善事业在 OCSA 提供这种变革性艺术和学术体验的能力中发挥着关键作用。OCSA 不是一所私立学校;作为一所公立特许学校,它依赖于捐赠。OCSA 为多元化的学生群体提供服务,所有学生,无论其家庭是否有能力或愿意捐款,都可以入学。 

The nonprofit OCSA Foundation helps raise approximately $3 million annually in private contributions from individuals, businesses, corporations, and foundations to support the following areas:

  • 最先进的设施

  • Support in need who qualify for the federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program (FRLP) through the Artist Scholarship Sponsorship Program

  • OCSA’s Master Artist Series

  • Enriching opportunities, equipment, and supplies above and beyond conservatory budgets

  • Accessible community arts engagement programming

OCSA 基金会的目的不是为学校的日常运作提供单一资金,而是与家长合作,为所有学生提供额外的资金支持和丰富的学习机会。